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Interview 2010
The Ashes Still Warm (taster review)
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Co-produced by Ill Nino's Dave Chavarri, HeavensDust's newest album, "The Ashes Still Warm" will surely promise heavy metal fans here in the West a fresh and cultural alternative to their ordinary day to day playlists.
Set for official US release on the 29th of May, the bands album will feature thirteen new tracks and will be available to purchase on Itunes or can be heard on their official website or youtube page. 
"Drowning", which is the third track on the album, begins with a mid-tempo guitar melody and accompanying rhythm of the drums. The melody sounds quite serene against the initial impression you might have developed before listening to HeavensDust but, as the track progresses, the rhythm guitar and bass that follows dramatises the more metal element a lot more and the mood quickly shifts. The rhythms are deep, and more or less constant, which compliment the rough style of the vocals especially well.
A key thing to note with this band would be the combination of the Western metal style with a traditional and classical Japanese style. Whilst some bands would use piano, violin, or other typical orchestral instrumentation that we are more than accustomed to hearing, HeavensDust have gone with an East meets West theme instead by adding traditional instruments like the shakuhachi flute and koto. 
With "Drowning" the accompanying shakuhachi flute has been artistically woven in between the heaviness of the electric instruments and the loudness of the drum beat and the sound of this is extraordinarily impressive.
"Annihilation" follows from "Drowning" and instantly you are thrown in to a much more intense and heavier track. The speed and emphatic power behind the drums is most notable to begin with and also the bass seems much more prominent, offering that crucial and dramatic low end rhythm that is both precise and constant. 
This would be the track that you would feel most represents the fusion of the two main characteristics of the band. On the one hand, you have the rapid drum beat and the dense bass rhythms against the loud melodies of the lead guitar and emotive vocals. Then on the other hand you have this beautiful contribution of koto, starkly bridging between each vocal stanza, that sounds fantastic against the sheer force of everything else. 
These two snippets offer clear insight into what you can expect from the rest of the album so, watch this space UK, because HeavensDust have already been making their mark on the US metal scene and could soon be causing a stir on our own turf.
Album Tracklist
1. Distressed
2. World Goes Gray
3. Drowning
4. Annihilation
5. Emerge From Silence
6. In My Sleep
7. Gaze
8. Memories Dripping From Darkness
9. The Break
10. The Ashes Still Warm
11. Eyes Of Secrets
12. So Unclear
13. Where There Is Illusion