Can you tell us about what you were doing before Galaxy7?

After I did some bands I was doing my solo project as “Daisuke Tsutsui”.


What made you decide to start Galaxy7? How did you begin?

When I came to an electro party in Tokyo, I thought I want to play there. Because that party was so cool.

So I created Galaxy 7. That’s it.


For new listeners how would you describe yourself and your music to them?

I’m a strange small Japanese musician from Tokyo. I make music and play some instruments all by myself. My music is a kind of Rock, electro, experimental…


Your music tends to start with an energetic and strong guitar opening, where is the inspiration for writing songs?

Oh you are talking about “super explosions” and “blackmetal” aren’t you?

Well, basically I was a huge fan of heavy metal and hard rock. I used to listen to that kind of music a lot since when I was kid.


How long does it take to write your songs?

It depends on the song. I wrote “super explosions” for 1 hour. But about “acid green”, it took me 3 month to write.


How do you prepare yourself for a new tour?

About a new tour, Galaxy 7 band is 3 people including me. So I’m thinking about my song arrangements for 3 people.


Did you have a favourite artist you would listen to while growing up?

Yes. Rainbow, Duran Duran, Led Zeppelin, UFO….


Which CD is your "most listened to" in your collection?

Never Mind The Bollocks / Sex Pistols


If you were to play a show and have 3 bands to perform with you, who would you pick?

(can be anyone at all)

Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Korn


You've played the UK before, can you tell us about that experience?

Ok I’m going to tell that honestly. More than 10 years ago I went to London to play my concert at “Battle Of The Bands” as a guest musician. It was my second time to come to London.

Before my concert I got many bad things by many young people at the venue. Some guys said bad things to me. Some guys laughed at me. Some guys pushed me.  It was like a high school movie haha.

But I understand why they hated me because I think UK rock is No.1 I’m a short Japanese guy and guest musician. That is not good for them.

After some bands played a manager of Battle Of The Bands introduced me on the stage. At that time those young people started talking loud and screamed something. They didn’t want to hear about me.

And the manager got angry and bawled them out. He apologized to me and asked me if I can play or not in the small voice. He was worrying about me. I said “ no problem of course I can play” to him.

I didn’t care about that situation. I introduced myself a little and I started to play. When I finished my performance almost the whole audience was standing and shouting and applauded me for a long time. It seemed they like my music so much. And after that my CDs were sold out and so many people were coming around me and taking pictures and i wrote autographs. Also those young people talked to me so kindly haha.

That was my good experience.


If you could perform anywhere (e.g in any city?) in the UK, where would you choose?

I don’t choose. I’d like to perform anywhere in the UK.


What first comes to mind when you think of the UK?

Sex Pistols


How do you feel your style has changed from the beginning to now?

At the beginning of Galaxy 7 I played my concert as DJ style and made only kind of Dance Rock music. But I often play with my band at my concert. And I make many kinds of music now.


What has been the best moment in your musical career up till this point?

My concert in France, My concert in London, My concert in Indonesia. Because people make me think I’m not wrong.


Do you have any new release information? 

Yes. I will release my new album “Eye of the Dragon who wished to be a man” next month.

There's a lot of hard tunes in it!


If so, will it be Digital again or will you be working on releasing hardcopies?

Both. But on CD they will be released only in the South East of Asia and Europe.


Finally can you give a message to your fans in the UK?

Thank you for reading my interview.

Performing in the UK is all of Japanese musicians dream. And having UK fans is so great thing for us.

I’d love to come to all countries in the UK and want to see you all as soon as possible!

I love UK!